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Starting or Have an Existing Microbrand?

We have experience in working with microbrands as one of the co-founders of MWW is a microbrand owner himself. We believe microbrands are at the forefront of design and influence in the watch world. Because of this, we offer a full range of services including ODM/OEM and custom projects, design, engineering, samples, manufacturing, and production of watches under your brand name, reflecting your desired image and quality.

Whether you're new to the business, working on a kickstarter, or are an experienced brand looking for an advantage over your competitors, we have a creative design team, experienced watchmakers and excellent after-sales services ready to help you succeed.

We also provide assembly and warranty work in the U.S, so rather than sending your timepieces back to Switzerland or the far east, we can cut down repair time by performing it in-house.

Our retail location can even showcase your brand, ensuring the same level of service and quality that larger brands are used to receiving.

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Brands We Work With

Brands We Work With

Custom Building

We are experts in creating watches that reflect your brand's image and quality standards. From design and engineering to manufacturing and assembly right here in the US and regulated at our facility. Let us help you bring your vision to life with precision and expertise.

Custom Movements

We offer a wide range of movements, including Swiss Made movements from ETA, Selitta, Soprod, SA Schild, STP, Miyota, Seiko, and Swiss clones. Our own movement, the MD 7081 based on the ETA 2824 architecture, is also available as a replacement option. Contact us for availability and pricing.

In-House Warranty Work

In-house warranty work provides greater control over the repair process, increasing efficiency and reducing costs. Quick diagnosis and repair minimize downtime and strengthen customer satisfaction, improving the brand's reputation. It's also a chance to build stronger relationships with customers and showcase the quality of the brand's repair service.

Design and Engineering

Design and engineering are crucial to creating a custom wrist watch that looks great and functions seamlessly. We pay close attention to every detail, working closely with clients to ensure the final product meets our high standards for quality and performance.

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Repair Services

No job is too complicated for our master technicians. Our extensive range of equipment ensures that MWW is able to perform services none of our competitors can match. We use top of the line equipment used by Swiss grade facilities to fully examine your timepiece, all without ever needing to leave our shop. We service an extensive range of fine timepieces, including both mechanical and quartz movements, as well as chronographs, pocket watches and special complications. From professional battery replacements to mechanical movement overhauls, we have your entire watch repair needs covered. You receive exemplary customer service at reasonable prices. Our experience with such tasks has even been extended to mentoring and training up-and-coming watchmakers with the State of Maryland in a new Watchmaking initiative.

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Servicing and Maintenance

  •  Battery Work
  • Movements
  • Cleaning
  • Water Testing
  • Timing
 Battery Work

Battery Replacement

Before installing a new watch battery, we make sure everything else on the watch is in working order. Something as simple as the stem being pulled out may be the source of a watch not keeping time. We make watch battery replacement easy. Most battery replacement and band adjustments are able to be serviced while you wait. Typically, you can expect a watch battery to provide power to your watch for 12 to 18 months before needing to be replaced. We offer a moisture protection and cleaning upgrade by replacing your gasket for an additional fee.  This feature also includes external cleaning of the back, case and crystal.


Movement Disassembly and Cleaning

Mechanical watch movements are like luxury automobile engines; they need to be serviced on a regular basis. Lubricating an automatic movement is similar to getting an oil change in your car. We disassemble, inspect, and adjust all parts of the movement mechanism, before ultrasonically cleaning the parts in our Wellner L1 cleaning machine. Included is a one-year warranty on time-keeping and a 90-day warranty on parts. Automatic movements can run for decades as long as they are properly serviced and maintained.


Ultrasonic Cleaning

Over time, the tiny parts inside of a watch may gather dust and debris, or even rust and corrosion. Even the smallest foreign object or surface blemish can disrupt their functioning and accuracy. When we disassemble the parts of your movement we immerse them in a special solution developed to treat their delicate surface with care. Our cleaning machine thoroughly cleans your movement, case and bracelet in different types of cleaning solutions  It includes cycles specifically designed for delicate parts and can also easily handle heavy duty pocket watch components.  

Water Testing

Water Resistance Maintenance

A watch’s water resistance is not permanently guaranteed. It is affected by the aging of gaskets or deformation of watch parts due to accidental shock. To preserve a watch’s water resistance as possible we recommend having a watch tested at least once a year, but much of this depends on one’s lifestyle. But committing to have your watch tested once a year will save you a lot of money in the long run. When moisture gets in time is of the essence. Replacement and lubrication of gaskets and seals ensure continued water resistance. At MWW your watch will be rigorously tested in a three step process - a vacuum test, a compression test, and a condensation test using the Witschi Proofmaster C Pro pressure and vacucum tester and Rolex* approved water testers (Roxer Natator 125, Roxer Revelator R1 and Diabolic E).



Sometimes you may find that your watch is running extremely fast, extremely slow, doesn’t maintain power reserve or stops working on your wrist. It can be the result of Magnetism, a tangled coil or overall poor operation. Watches are comprised of small gears, miniature screws and paper-thin springs - as with any mechanical instruments that have constantly moving parts they will eventually become worn and in time will affect accuracy. We can test the rate accuracy, amplitude and beat error of mechanical timepiece using the Witschi Watch Expert G4. The G4 has automatic detection of 6 main positions, 4 vertical positions and 2 special positions. A regular overhaul by our service watchmakers ensures that your watch functions as perfectly as on the first day you received it.

Complete Overhaul Service

Mechanical watches require a different level of maintenance than quartz/digital watches due to their many parts that need lubrication for optimal performance and reduced friction and wear on the movement. Automatic watches need to be serviced periodically and overhauled every 5-7 years or after accidents such as the Rolex below. Moisture can cause damage and flooding is especially harmful, leading to corrosion and compromising internal components. Our technicians can perform a full movement service and bring your watch back to working condition after a thorough diagnostic evaluation and approval of estimate.


Disassemble your timepiece, including the case, movement, and bracelet.


Replace worn or defective movement parts, gaskets, crystals, and crowns.


Ultrasonic cleaning of the case, movement and bracelet in specially formulated solutions.


Advanced lubricants are used to lubricate each movement component, reducing friction and wear.


The case and bracelet are individually hand polished and refinished to restore their original luster upon request only.

Smartwatch Ready

After reassembly, the movement is calibrated and regulated in 5 positions for accuracy on an electronic timing machine.

Pressure Test

The watch is then rigorously tested for water resistance in a three-step process: vacuum, compression, and condensation tests.

Quality Control

Your watch then goes through a visual analysis by our technicians to ensure the highest possible standards of quality.

Final Testing

Your watch is then thoroughly tested over a period of time for accuracy and performance.


You will receive a one year limited warranty after we service your timepiece in addition to printed testing documents.

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